What drives a blogger? - An interview with Patricia Akpo Uyeh

Meet Patricia - Blogger and Google Business Group Manager from Lagos, Nigeria. Her story is unique. But, it is her passion towards blogging and women empowerment that drove us to do an interview with her. Here it is:

  1. What inspired you to start writing? Have you always wanted to be a writer?

    It might sound cliché but I started writing from childhood. I found more expression of my thoughts, ideas and beliefs through writing. Then I would tear my exercise books to write short stories. Reading books from great authors like Chukwuemeka Ike, Chimamanda Adichie, Chinua Achebe, Charlotte Bronte and many others influenced my zeal to write.
    Well, I would not say I always wanted to be a writer, I thought it would remain as a hobby. But I realized that I could turn this hobby into a gold mine if I increased my passion. That is what I am doing and it is paying off.
  2. How do you decide what topics to write about? What makes good content?

    I get inspiration from everyday experiences, music and books/magazines I read. It is usually better to have a writing plan, it makes work easier. The topics usually tallies with the theme for the period. For example, if the theme of the month is social media, all topics would revolve around social media. I would choose different angles to write about the theme.
    A good content is one that is unique, easy to read and understand. It becomes better when the goal of the content is met. If the content is to inform, it becomes good if the feedback shows that readers got informed. If the content was intended to cause humour, it becomes good if the readers laugh. If the content is to cause controversy, it becomes good when people share their varying opinions and views.
  3. Who are your favorite bloggers? What blogs do you follow currently and why?

    I have a couple of favourite bloggers including myself ☺ I would say I am my own number fan. And yes, Uche Pedro, Tuke Morgan, Ono Bello, Alma Ngur are my personal favourites. I follow their blogs because of their authenticity. They share unique content and have an excellent way of delivery. They make me be a better blogger too.
  4. What books would you recommend for bloggers to read and why?

    Well, I recommend bloggers to read books on a range of different topics from technology to environment to lifestyle to history to social media marketing to help them promote and upgrade their blogs. This would also help know the niche they are comfortable with. I would suggest you follow people like Darren Rowse, Mark Walker Ford, Jon Morrow
  5. You serve as the Team Lead for WomenWill/GBG Festac, Lagos. What does your work involve?

    My work involves a lot of project management activities. I have started taking more project management courses and trainings to help in this regard. As the Team Lead for WomenWill/GBG Festac, I coordinate/plan and organize events for the chapter that involves trainings, workshops, seminars and meet-ups centred on digital literacy, leadership, entrepreneurship and workplace inclusion.
  6. What made you passionate about youth empowerment, women and children’s rights, entrepreneurship?

    Firstly, I am a youth and we form the bulk of the population. When left idle, the youths would succumb to societal vices such as armed robbery, fraud, kidnapping and others. But when they are empowered through education, employment, business funding and the likes, they would contribute to the growth of the economy and their own personal development.
  7. Who has most influenced you? Who are your role models/inspiration/icons of empowered women, entrepreneurship? What sets them apart?

    Women who have been able to succeed regardless of their situation or calling (My mother, Justina Uyeh is the perfect example). I have many role models particularly in the media and entrepreneurship namely Michelle Obama, Ibukun Awosika, Tara Fela-Durotoye, Oprah Winfrey, Mo Abudu, Ebun Feludu, Adesuwa Onyenokwe to mention a few. These women have proven that a woman can have it all. Meaning she can have a great career, a great family life and a powerful brand. Most importantly, they have continued to impact this generation positively through their works. They all inspire me.
  8. Share 3 books each about women empowerment, entrepreneurship that you recommend. Please tell us why.

    There are so many of them but I would recommend these,

Own Your Brilliance!: A Woman's Guide to Hiring Herself eBook: Tamiko Cuellar: Kindle Store

  • Rated 5 by 2 users
  • Tamiko Cuellar shares her journey into entrepreneurship and how any woman can make the switch from paid employment to being her own boss without losing it all.

    - says Patricia Akpo Uyeh
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The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World eBook: Melinda Gates: Kindle Store

  • Rated 4.7 by 331 users
  • This is all about women empowerment. She believes that the world would be a better place when women follow family planning processes, stay educated and empowered economically.

    - says Patricia Akpo Uyeh
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The 'Girl' Entrepreneurs: Our Stories So Far eBook: Ibukun Awosika: Kindle Store

  • In this book, Ibukun Awosika shares the stories of several female entrepreneurs on how they started from the scratch, their winning strategies, value systems, motivations and lessons from failures.

    - says Patricia Akpo Uyeh
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Patricia Akpo Uyeh says,

Patricia Akpo Uyeh is a Multimedia Freelance Journalist/ Content Provider, working for blogs and websites such as Digital Lagos TV, Bella Naija, HOG furnitures, Allure Vanguard to mention a few. She writes on myriads of topics spanning across lifestyle, events, health, technology, furniture, entertainment, safety, health, food, travel and fashion. In addition to writing dope stories, she serves as Team Lead for WomenWill/Google Business Group Festac, Lagos, an NGO centered around women empowerment and entrepreneurship.

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